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  January 15, 2024

When Should I Get Life Insurance?

Life Insurance, Buy Life Insurance Learn about the best time to purchase life insurance. Explore our expert advice on choosing the right life insurance policy for your needs.

  December 15, 2023

What is the Difference Between a Life Insurance Policy Face Value and Death Benefit?

Life insurance policy face value, Death benefit Explore the key differences between life insurance face value and death benefits. Learn more about optimizing your policy to enhance your coverage options.

  November 15th, 2023

What is the Hospital Insurance and Diagnostic Services Act?

Hospital Insurance, Diagnostic services act Hospital insurance and diagnostic service act provides health coverage to all Canadians with publicly funded health insurance. Explore the importance of this act and how it helps with making the healthcare coverage accessible and affordable to all residents.

  October 15, 2023

Critical Illness vs Accelerated Death Benefit Rider

term life expire Are you looking for critical illness insurance or an accelerated death benefit rider? Learn more about your coverage options when navigating through financial hardships caused by an illness.

  June 15, 2023

Cancer vs Critical Illness Insurance

term life expire Cancer vs Critical illness insurance fill in the gaps within the existing health insurance plans. Learn more about the benefits and coverage options for both.

  April 15, 2023

What Happens When Term Life Insurance Expires?

term life expire Is your term life insurance expiring soon? Avoid gaps, ensure the coverage for you, and secure the future of your loved ones. This article has all the steps you need to take when your term expires.

  May 02, 2023

What is a Term Life Insurance Policy with Long Term Care Rider?

Life insurance with long-term care rider allows policyholder to contribute towards their death benefit. Learn how this combination provides financial protection for your long-term care needs. […]

  February 10, 2021

What Are Life Insurance Non-forfeiture Options?

If you find yourself in a situation where you cannot or no longer wish to pay the premiums on your life insurance policy, talk to your insurance agent about the non-forfeiture options available on your policy. […]

  October 20, 2020

Reassessing Life Insurance Needs After Losing Access to Employee Benefits

There’s no reason not to take advantage of free or inexpensive life insurance coverage offered by your employer, but it probably shouldn’t be your only source. Read more to learn why. […]

  October 10, 2020

Reassessing Your Life Insurance Coverage Following the Death of a Friend or Family Member

The death of a friend or family member can serve as a reality check for those who have been putting off buying life insurance as well as a reminder to those who do have life insurance to reassess their needs. […]

  September 20, 2020

What Type of Life Insurance Should I Buy?

Life insurance isn’t one product; rather, there various types to fit your needs, goals, and budget. A licensed insurance professional can help you determine the coverage that’s right for you. […]

  September 15, 2020

How Often Should I Review My Life Insurance Coverage?

It’s important to check your life insurance coverage periodically to determine if it’s still meeting your needs, goal, and budget. How long has it been since you talked with your agent? […]

  September 10, 2020

Can I Get Hospitalization Insurance Only?

Supplemental hospital indemnity insurance can help pay for expenses left by your primary health insurance policy for costs associated with a hospital stay. Learn more to see if it may be a good fit for you. […]

  August 25, 2020

Things to Consider Before Buying Life Insurance

Rather than asking yourself how much of what kind of life insurance to buy, ask instead, “What are my financial needs and goals?” Discuss them with a licensed insurance professional, who can help you design life insurance coverage that fits your needs and your budget. […]

  August 15, 2020

Preparing for Retirement? Now is the Time to Talk with Your Insurance Agent

Life insurance needs change throughout the stages of life and retirement is no different. Talk with your financial advisor or retirement planner and your licensed insurance agent to help determine if your life insurance coverage is a good fit with your retirement plans. […]

  August 5, 2020

Planning to Start a Family Soon? Why Now is the Best Time to Consider Life Insurance

If you’re planning to start a family, and have been wondering when to buy life insurance, here’s your sign. Learn more today. […]

  July 25, 2020

How does life insurance work?

<Life insurance is for the living. It exists to help protect your loved ones from financial uncertainty when you aren’t there. As part of a long-term financial plan, life insurance can be there for them when they need it most. […]

  July 15, 2020

How much life insurance do I need? Can I afford it?

Life insurance is part of a long-term financial plan but many people put off buying it because they don’t think they need it or they think it costs much more than it actually does. Why now is the best time to purchase life insurance for the benefit of your loved ones. […]

  July 5, 2020

When to buy life insurance: before or after paying off debt?

If others depend on you financially and/or if they would be responsible for your financial affairs when you die, buying life insurance is the responsible thing to do. The sooner you make that purchase, the better, as it becomes more expensive the longer you wait. […]

  May 20, 2020

Things to Consider for Caregivers Looking for Life Insurance

Life insurance can help protect people who depend on your income for their livelihood, whether they are children or adults. Learn more about life insurance for caregivers today. […]

  May 15, 2020

How Life Insurance Claims Work

Life insurance is for the living. When a loved one passes away, it’s important to follow the proper steps, which vary by company, to receive the money the deceased wanted you to have. […]

  May 15, 2020

Why Do People Buy Life Insurance?

Buying life insurance will never be cheaper than it is at this point in your life. Learn more about why having a sound financial plan which includes life insurance helps ensure you don’t leave your loved ones at risk financially when you are no longer here. […]

  May 10, 2020

Countdown: Top 5 Misconceptions About Life Insurance

Life insurance is an important part of a long-term financial plan. Protecting your love ones financially when you aren’t there is doable and affordable. Read more about the top 5 life insurance myths. […]

  May 10, 2020

What is Hospital Indemnity Insurance and Do I Need It?

Supplemental hospital indemnity insurance can help pay for gaps left by your primary health /medical insurance policy for expenses related to a hospital stay. Learn more to weigh the potential benefits against your needs and the cost. […]

  April 25, 2020

Buying streaming media and daily lattes instead of life insurance: why you may be putting yourself at financial risk

Life insurance is an important part of a long term financial plan. Most people drastically underestimate the cost. Since the cost depends on a person’s age and their health, it will never be more affordable than it is right now. […]

  April 15, 2020

Managing Life Insurance Coverage after a Job Loss

Most families need more life insurance coverage than what’s available through an employer. There is no better time than now to learn how to define your coverage needs and whether a life insurance policy is best for your family. […]

  April 5, 2020

Do I Need Critical Illness Insurance?

Even if you have regular health insurance, a critical illness can leave resources depleted. Supplemental critical illness coverage offers coverage against many specific conditions and illnesses and may be a good option. […]

  March 25, 2020

Life Insurance after a Divorce: What do I need to Know?

When it comes to life insurance after a divorce, there are 3 key factors you may want to consider, especially when it comes to providing financial security for your kids. Learn more today. […]

  March 15, 2020

Do Whole Life Premiums Increase Over Time?

People often wonder if their age will affect their premiums. In this article, we’ll address this concern by answering one major question prospective policyholders have when choosing a policy: Do whole life insurance premiums increase over time? […]

  March 5, 2020

Do I Need Cancer Insurance?

It’s important to have a health insurance policy already in place when you have cancer, but how much does your health insurance policy cover when it comes to cancer costs? Learn more about what you need know when looking into cancer specific insurance policies. […]

  February 20, 2020

Making an Insurance Review Part of Your Yearly Check-Up

If you’re a life insurance policy holder, it’s important you set aside time to do an annual review of your policy. Learn more about how new life circumstances can impact the need for and size of your policy as well as assessing whether you are getting the best premium rates and if you need to make any changes to your beneficiary. […]

  February 10, 2020

What is the Difference Between Accident Insurance and Health Insurance?

Accident insurance and health insurance both can offer medical coverage, but there are several key differences between these types of policies. Read more to understand the benefits and limitations of each. […]

  January 25, 2020

Do Caregivers Need Life Insurance?

Caregivers have many responsibilities when caring for an individual, and many are unpaid. Learn more about how life and supplemental health insurance can help protect against financial loss if something were to happen to a caregiver. […]

  January 15, 2020

Why Having the Proper Insurance is Important for Baby Boomers

Life insurance isn’t just for young families – Baby Boomers should consider its importance, too, especially when supporting parents or grown children. Learn more about navigating life insurance for those born before 1965. […]

  January 5, 2020

Critical Illness Insurance or Income Protection through Disability Insurance: What’s the Difference?

Critical illness insurance and income protection through disability insurance are two options for some extra financial protection in the event of a critical illness. Each type of insurance offers different coverage, but both can be valuable in the event of a major health issue. […]

  December 15, 2019

Where Does Life Insurance Fit Into Your Financial Plan?

How important is it to consider life insurance in your financial plan? View this blog to find out. Inside you’ll explore why everyone should consider including life insurance in their annual financial planning strategy. […]

  November 25, 2019

Can My Credit History Impact My Life Insurance Rates?

Understanding what exactly is considered when an underwriter writes your life insurance policy is important. Learn whether one’s credit history contributes to a policyholders profile and how it may affect their premiums. […]

  November 15, 2019

Critical Illness or Life Insurance: Which is the Higher Priority?

How do you decide which should take priority: critical illness insurance or life insurance? You start by knowing the difference. This article discusses the key features of critical illness and life insurance policies to help you make the most educated decision about which policy to prioritize. […]

  November 10, 2019

Why Having the Proper Insurance is Important for Gen-X

Having the proper amount of insurance is important for everyone, but for those who were born between the Baby Boomers and the Millennials, this article is specifically for you. Learn more about the insurance needs of those in their 40s and 50s. […]

  October 25, 2019

Using Supplemental Insurance to Cover Out-of-Pocket Costs

Out-of-pocket medical costs can be unexpected and expensive, but you do have options to cover these costs with various supplemental health insurance policies. Learn more about how they work. […]

  October 15, 2019

Can You Get 30-Year Term Life Insurance?

Since term life insurance provides coverage for a limited amount of time, you might be wondering how long of a time that is, and if you could get term life insurance that lasts as long as 30 years. If so, learn more. […]

  October 10, 2019

Can Life Insurance be Paid to a Minor?

While you can list a child as your beneficiary on a life insurance policy, they typically will not receive the payout until they are of age unless a guardian is appointed. Read more to get a better understanding of how a minor may be paid out. […]

  September 15, 2019

Why Having the Proper Insurance is Important for Millennials

Just over half of all millennials have a life insurance policy, but many members of this demographic are now in a phase of life where they need to start thinking about this part of their financial plan. If you’re a millennial, read more about why this is something you should consider. […]

  September 5, 2019

Do College Students Need Life Insurance before Graduation?

If you’re a college student, you probably have plenty on your mind. One topic that probably doesn’t cross your mind often is whether or not you need life insurance, but you may be surprised. […]

  August 25, 2019

The Role Private Supplemental Insurance Plays in Countries that Have Universal Health

What is supplemental health insurance and how is it used in countries offering universal health coverage? Discover the importance of private supplemental health insurance in the United States and explore how countries with universal health care use supplemental insurance to help their citizens pay for an array of medical expenses. […]

  August 15, 2019

Buying Hospital Insurance: What You Need to Know

With health insurance out-of-pocket costs rising, many policy holders are looking for ways to reduce costs. One option can be supplemental health insurance like Hospital Insurance. Learn more about this option. […]

  August 5, 2019

Accident Insurance vs. Hospital Indemnity Policies: What is the Difference?

Accident insurance and hospital indemnity policies are secondary health coverage options you can purchase to cover medical costs your primary insurance policy might not, but depending on your situation, one may be better for you than the other. […]

  July 25, 2019

Going Out of Network for U.S. Healthcare without Going Broke: How Supplement Polices Can Help

Have you ever considered what would happen if you needed medical care that was out of your insurance coverage’s network? Medical expenses can add up quickly, so learn more about ways to cover the cost of the care you need. […]

  July 15, 2019

Can I Claim on Multiple Life Insurance Policies?

If you’re purchasing life insurance, or if you’re a beneficiary, you might be wondering if it’s possible to have more than one policy, or to claim on multiple life insurance policies. Read more to learn the answer to this common insurance question. […]

  July 5, 2019

Can I Get Critical Illness Insurance if I Have a Pre-existing Condition?

If you were to have a heart, stroke or other dread disease, would you be able to cover the deductibles, copayments or coinsurance, and other out-of-pocket medical expenses related to your illness? Critical Illness can help, but you may be wondering if you will qualify. […]

  June 25, 2019

Accident Insurance for the Self-Employed

The growing gig economy has created a demand for alternative insurance options. In addition to market place insurance, the self-employed have a few options for supplemental coverage including accidental insurance. Learn more about these policies. […]

  June 15, 2019

Can I Be Denied Health Insurance Because of a Pre-existing Condition?

Wondering if you can be denied health insurance because of a pre-existing condition? Check out this article explaining which insurance policies can be denied based on pre-existing conditions and which cannot. […]

  June 5, 2019

How to Kick Off Your Post-Grad Life with Life Insurance

You’ve just graduated college and may be focused on getting out of debt as your main financial goal. As part of that process, graduates should also protect their family against that debt with life insurance. Learn more. […]

  May 20, 2019

Can a vacation affect my chances of getting life insurance?

With your plate full of logistics to contend with while planning a vacation, wondering if your upcoming trip will impact your insurability may not have even crossed your mind, but read on to learn more about this consideration. […]

  May 15, 2019

Can I Buy a Juvenile Critical Illness Insurance Policy for My Child?

Supplemental health insurance policies are not uncommon for adults, but can a parent purchase a cancer or critical illness policy for their child? Read more about what to consider and the options available. […]

  May 15, 2019

Financial Education: Why Talking with an Insurance Agent after Graduation is Your Next Best Move

If you are a new grad sorting through the next phase of life, you may find that “getting the right insurance” is part of that process. Learn more about your insurance options today. […]

  May 10, 2019

Can a Term Life Policy Be Converted to Whole Life?

A term life policy is, at its most basic, coverage for a predetermined amount of time, or “term.” A whole life policy can last for your whole life. Each policy is useful under certain circumstances, so learn more about how and why converting a term to whole life can be helpful. […]

  May 5, 2019

Accidental death insurance vs term life: which is better?

Accidental death is not the typical life insurance people take out as there are significant differences between an accidental death policy (ADP) and a term life policy. Learn more about these insurance options and which coverage may be right for you. […]

  April 10, 2019

How Individual Supplemental Health Insurance Can Benefit People Who are Self-Employed

Being self-employed has a number of perks, but it also can mean more taking more risks. Those who are self-employed have a variety of decisions to make when it comes to health insurance, but one they might want to consider that many don’t is supplemental health insurance. Learn more today. […]

  February 5, 2019

A Guide to Choosing Life Insurance for New US Citizens

You’ve become a U.S. citizen. Congratulations. You are now eligible to purchase life insurance to help protect your family in the event of your death. Check out these life insurance tips for new citizens to start your research. […]

  January 25, 2019

Applying for Life Insurance When Overweight

If you are thinking about buying life insurance, but aren’t sure you will qualify because of your weight, we have good news. Many people who are outside the normal weight range can get life insurance. The key to finding the right policy is to shop around. Learn more about your options. […]

  December 25, 2018

Where is American Income Life Insurance Company(AIL)?

Looking for an American Income Life (AIL) location? We can help. Learn about the location of our headquarters, countries we serve, and find a local AIL Agent near you. […]

  December 10, 2018

Should I Take Out a Life Insurance Policy for My Child?

While securing financial coverage for their children is a priority for some parents, it may not be to others. Any life insurance purchase comes with heavy consideration and those looking to buy should be well informed about their purchase. […]

  December 5, 2018

Homeowner's guide to life insurance

If you are a new homeowner, now is a good time to review your life insurance coverage. With the added financial responsibilities of a new home and mortgage consider buying life insurance if you don’t have any, and if you do, reviewing the amount of coverage, cost of premiums and even the beneficiary designation. Learn more. […]

  November 25, 2018

Is buying life insurance on your wedding to-do checklist?

If you are recently married or still planning your upcoming nuptials, consider adding life insurance to your to-do list. Married life brings new responsibilities and realities, so read more about this important financial decision. […]

  November 15, 2018

Do College Graduates Need Life Insurance?

About 71% of college students graduate with almost $28,500 in debt, including both private and federal loans. When the focus of life insurance is to ensure you don’t leave your loved ones in financial distress when you pass, college students who graduate with debt should consider the role life insurance plays in their financial portfolio. […]

  November 10, 2018

What is American Income Life About?

American Income Life (AIL) has served working families since 1951 with life, accident, and supplemental health products to help protect members of labor unions, credit unions, associations and their families. […]