4-H & Extension Program Policies

Annual Accident Insurance for Extension Programs

Running a successful and safe 4-H or Extension program requires a lot of time and energy throughout the year. Annual accident coverage can help reduce stress for staff, volunteers, and the families of your participants if or when an injury occurs.

Our Annual Accident Insurance Policy can cover all members of organized clubs and groups for as little as $1 per person per year. The policy can be used by individual clubs or county-wide programs with registered membership. Volunteer leader coverage is optional.

The above application is for Annual Policies only.
To request Special Activities Coverage, please complete the Activity Report Form before your event.

What activities are covered under an annual policy?

Any adult-supervised group activity sponsored by 4-H/Extension.

Which leaders are covered under annual club insurance?

The intention is to include volunteers who are recognized as approved 4-H club volunteer leaders in your county. That definition varies by state, however we have found that 4-H staff and active volunteer leaders know who those folks are. If it is acceptable with your county to include ALL adults who help at some point during the year, that is OK with AIL. We just ask that whatever you do, be sure it is in compliance with your county and state guidelines and rules.

I have several annual club policies and would like to set up a county-wide policy that includes all of my 4-H members. Can I do that?

Yes! To consolidate your individual policies into one county-wide policy, you will need to complete a county-wide application. Any unused club premium will be prorated and credited to the new county-wide policy.

My 4-H office does not write checks. How do we submit payment with the application? When will coverage begin?

Submit the application for annual coverage along with a purchase order or check request. The effective date will be one day after the purchase order/check request paperwork is received as long as a check is received within 35 days.

I have an annual club policy but my renewal check will not arrive before my coverage end date. What do I do?

You have a 30-day grace period. If a check is received during the grace period AIL will backdate to the original renewal date.

Do you offer liability insurance?

No. Blanket accident and illness policies from AIL Special Risk Division are not liability insurance.

If you have any further questions regarding the American Income Life 4-H and Extension policy coverage and service, please contact the American Income Life Special Risk Division. Email SpecialRisk@ailife.com. Our agents are available each weekday from 8:30 am to 5 pm Eastern time zone. We respond to emails within one to two business days.